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SAMPLE TruckMiles® Tax Rate Information

Here you will find links to examples of tax rate information. The following example schedules are available:

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SAMPLE: IFTA Tax Rates w/ Surcharge
Notes all the U. S. and Canadian tax rate data to be used for IFTA tax reporting
SAMPLE: Federal Diesel Rates
This schedule totals and averages the state diesel taxes paid at pump; along with the rate if surcharge is included for each state. The federal excise tax and any related surcharges are identified also. The rates are for 1992-current; and are based on the first month figures of each quarter.
SAMPLE: Canadian Fuel Tax Schedule
This schedule identifies the 10 provinces and the Canadian tax rate along with the conversion rate for the US gallon. It also notes the GST & HST rates and the IFTA refundable portion.
SAMPLE: Reefer Tax Refund Schedule 1
This schedule identifies in general the paperwork requirements for a refund; the refund level (the complexity of getting a refund back); how a credit may or may not be acquired; and if any sales tax applies if the state tax is credited.
SAMPLE: Reefer Tax Refund Schedule 2
Identified, by column, those states which: allow for a credit at point of sale; those which collect at the pump and require a refund process; and those states, which do not give any refunds. Each state denotes if there is an applicable sales tax that corresponds with the state refund process.
SAMPLE: General Sales Tax Info
O-T-R Diesel: Notes the five states that charge sales tax at the time of purchase whether reefer or tractor fuel
Reefer: identifies by state if there is a sales/use tax; the general state rate and range of corresponding optional tax; what components the sales tax is applied to when figuring; and the refundability of reefer fuel.

OTR- Diesel:


SAMPLE: Weight Miles Tax
These schedules give tax rates for the states that charge varied fees based on the weight of the truck.

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